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Patagonia clothing and gear are expensive. But how many years do they last? Long enough to be worth all that money? Are they really that durable?

Since I have been married, I have to ask my wife’s permission whenever I want to purchase products that cost over 200 USD.


She says that most married couples set rules like this. What more can I say?


Well, I don’t really have a strong desire for possessing things. I am a kind of guy who feels comfortable with minimum essentials.


But for me, Patagonia is an exception and I like to buy it from time to time.

Needless to say, if you think Patagonia is every day clothing, their price range is far higher than other brands like UNIQULO.


With the strict “200 USD permission rule” in our household, it’s not a brand I can easily afford.


How to get permission


However, having lived with the rule for 13 years, I have learned the way to persuade my wife say“OK, you can buy it”. Where there’s a will, there is a way, you know.These are the words which never fail to convince her.


“I think I’m going buy it because it will last for over 10 years”


What are the reasons for owning Patagonia? Of course, I simply like it. And rather than replacing cheap clothing every few seasons, buying products which last a lifetime is environmentally friendly. Also it will save your money in the long term. Most of all, it’s just so comfortable to wear!



Still good enough to wear for many more years


I bought this jacket in a Patagonia shop in Santa Monica in LA. I still wear it when I do farming work as well as running.




I also bought these shorts (so called buggy pants) in 1999 in Santa Monica. Even after all these years, I still wear them often when I swim in the river, go running, taking a walk on my holidays or even after a bath. They are superbly durable!




They dry so quickly. In midsummer days, I sometimes swim in the river when I take a break from digging taro in the field. The seat of my truck doesn’t get wet because when I jump in the truck to go back to the field they are already dry. Can you see the orange shorts under the water?


This 3way bag is called MLC which I bought in 1997 at a Patagonia shop in Mejiro Tokyo. This picture was taken when I visited London to see my friend.




At Kilimanjaro Int’l Airport of Tanzania in 2014.

It still looks good even after sixteen years of heavy use. And shows no damage after being roughly handled at the African airport.





Blue pullover from Patagonia which I bought about 8 years ago in Yokohama




Although fixed with packing tape and patches, it still keeps me warm in the cold field.




It lasts for a good 10 years or more


With proper care, Patagonia products can last for over 10 years easy even with heavy use. Most of their designs are simple and won’t feel dated through the years.


I think simple designs that are timeless are more beautiful than ever changing trendy designs. For the future’s sake, it is very important consumers choose products made by a company whose philosophy they approve of, even if that means they have to pay a little extra, and use them for a longer time.



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