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Does it make cancer disappear? The reason why some people claim carrot juice is effective at fighting against cancer.

As a farmer of strictly pesticide-free carrots, I sometimes meet people who take all the trouble to visit our field.


carrot juice



When chatting with them, I often find many of those people have friends or family members suffering from cancer and looking for pesticide-free carrots needed for a diet plan called Gerson therapy.






So what is Gerson therapy?


Gerson therapy is a treatment developed by Dr. Gerson in Germany in 1930. He considered cancer as whole-body, malnutrition and metabolic disorder and treated it with a diet plan which contained large amounts of raw vegetable juice and a salt-free diet.


The most important point of Gerson therapy is to increase the natural healing powers that humans originally have.


According to the book “Gerson’s Therapy for a Doctor Fighting Against Cancer” by Dr.Yoshihiko Hoshino” a cancer survivor himself, he says;



“Gerson therapy is not merely an unfounded folk remedy. It is a scientifically-based diet plan and nutritional therapy which Dr. Gerson developed with his knowledge and clinical experience as a doctor. Some parts have not been elucidated yet, but I believe it will be all scientifically proven in the future.”





Why could carrot juice be effective for fighting against cancer?


One of the characteristic factors of Gerson therapy is to drink a large amount of carrot juice and many kinds of raw vegetable juices.


It’s becoming a well-known fact that many vegetables have anticancer properties, but Gerson therapy especially encourages patients to take a large amount of carrot juice.


Carrots contain plenty of excellent nutrients such as beta-carotene and alpha-carotene which work for anti-cancer action. Aloha-carotene especially is believed to have twice the anticancer effect of beta carotene and it was proven by some research results that the effect of suppressing carcinogenesis is much stronger than that of beta carotene.


In addition, the National Cancer Institute in the USA also recommends that 6 mg beta carotene should be taken each day to prevent cancer.




Recommended Amount


Now, how much should we take?


According to the book of Dr. Hoshino mentioned above, it depends on the symptoms but recommended amount of carrot juice is from 1200cc to 3000cc a day in total, drinking several times a day in small portions.


Although it seems a quite a lot of amount to take, the reason for this is a lot of amount of vegetables is considered to replace anticancer drugs.


Recently, the number of people having doubts about “anticancer drugs” is increasing. Taking large amounts of vegetables containing nutrients with anticancer action should have a lower risk to the body than the drugs.




How to make carrot juice effectively


We understand that Gerson therapy involves taking large amounts of carrot and vegetable juices but how to make them is also important.

The enzyme ascorbic kinase found in carrots has the ability of destroying vitamin C, and if you make the juice with other vegetables, the vitamin C in other vegetables will be destroyed. So you need to make carrot juice by itself.


However, you may find pure carrot juice is not so tasty.


If that’s the case, you can improve the taste by mixing with apple juice. But in that case too, make carrot juice first, add a few drops of lemon juice to make it acidic so that the vitamin C destroying enzyme does not work. Then mix in the apple juice. This way, the Vitamin C will not be damaged.


Use the same method when you want to mix carrot juice with other vegetable juices.


I recommend a compression type low-speed juicer which grinds slowly and squeezes out nutrients to the maximum. If the juice is made by a high-speed rotation type mixer, the nutrients may not be thoroughly extracted.






Tips to make carrot juice


□  Making carrot juice on its own.


  If you mix it with other vegetables, make the carrot juice first and mix it with lemon juice.


□ You might find pure carrot juice isn’t quite to your liking, in that case mix it with apple juice. Remember to put the lemon juice before mixing.


□ To extract the maximum amount of nutrients, use a compression type, low speed juicer if possible




Avoid carrots like these!


Use organic or chemical fertilizer-free carrots and vegetables as much as possible


Some pesticides may contain the carcinogens.


Consuming carrots or vegetables that are produced using chemical fertilizers into the body defeats the purpose.


Studies have also been published that show phytochemical nutrients such beta carotenes, that have an anticancer action, are abundant in an area between the skin of the vegetable and fruit and the fruit contained inside.


So, if you make whole juice without peeling off the skin, more nutrients will be consumed.


Considering the nutrients can be taken into the body, organic pesticide-free carrots which are safe enough to be used with their skins are much more desirable.





When it’s difficult to get fertilizer-free vegetables


Chemicals tend to remain in leafy vegetables such as spinach that contains a lot of ‘rutin’ that has an anticancer action, and root veg such as carrots, absorb nutrients from the soil directly. Therefore, it’s best to use vegetables grown in fields without using chemical fertilizers.


But if you find it difficult to get fertilizer-free or organic vegetables, make sure you wash them thoroughly.



How to wash off fertilizers thoroughly


Mix water, vinegar and baking soda in a spray container. It will become fizzy as the result of a chemical reaction. Leave the lid off the container until the bubbling finishes, then put the lid on and shake well. Spray thoroughly on vegetables and fruits you want to wash the pesticide off.


After spraying, leave for 5 to10minutes and then wash them under running water.


What you need: 250 ml of water, 100 ml of vinegar and 1 tablespoon of baking soda




Thousands of cases claim that it works.


There seem to be thousands of cases of overcoming cancer using Gerson therapy all over the world.


I don’t think that Gerson therapy and carrot juice works for everyone every time. However, the more I study this therapy, the more I grew to think it’s a great therapy which well worth trying.


In this blog, I wrote about carrot juice that is an important part of Gerson therapy. If you want to know more about this therapy, there are dozens of books published for you to study.





Curing Cancer with Carrots (English Edition)
Ann Cameron Books (2014-04-25)





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