無農薬・無化学肥料・除草剤不使用のジュース用有機人参を育てている 九州・宮崎県綾町の有機JAS認定農家の直営サイトです。
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“Organic Farming”,“Blockchain” – the day innovation of food safety starts in Roppongi.

Why Aya town of Miyazaki prefecture in Japan is called the frontier of organic or the cradle town of organic farming. It is because many predecessor farmers spent nearly 30 long years to make soil in good condition. It was the age without social networks, and without seeking to be acknowledged by people, they believed what they were doing was right and devoted in making soil in good condition for organic farming.


Aya is the only town in Japan that the whole town has been engaged in organic farming for such a long time.


On March 25, Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. and Aya town will sell organic vegetables that safety is assured at marche in Carajan place of Roppongi ARK Hills of Mori building utilizing “Blockchain” technology, which is an information recording method, the falsification of information is almost impossible.


By scanning the QR code on the vegetable bag with your mobile phone, you can instantly see the information stored with blockchain “where”, “who”, and “how” the vegetable is grown.  


March 25th (Sat) 10:00 @ Carajan place in Roppongi ARK Hills 


Along with Aya town, in Japan, there are many farmers who produce safe vegetables in many methods such as organic farming, natural farming, natural cultivation, and high carbon cycle farming, however, we hear that there are many farmers use pesticide or herbicide while claiming their vegetables are pesticide-free. 


If this technological innovation becomes widespread, the safety of foods will be secured, but moreover, we believe that the labor value of farmers producing safe vegetables who made the decision to remove weeds with their own hands instead of using efficient herbicide will be increased.

If you live nearby, we hope you can come visit us at Carajan place of Roppongi ARK Hills to take a look at the vegetables of Aya town.

From Aya town, Hayakawa farm, Kiyohisa Maeda, and Organic farm Aya, the owner of vege8 site will sell their organic vegetables.

There will also be food tasting of cold-pressed juice using the carrots of Aya town from Daikanyama salad and salad dressing using carrots and gingers.


Probably, the world is not there for someone to change. It will be gradually changed by itself, but we will be happy if this marche becomes a small pivot to drastically change “the value of organic farming” or “food safety”.







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